Sunday, October 4, 2009

#89-Juno Soundtrack

It was the decade when...

Children's music pretended to be real music.

I do not like music that's bad.
I do not like, it makes me mad.
I will not listen to music like Raffi
I will not listen, it's makes me barf-y.

If it's about fishes and trees.
If it's about the birds and the bees.
If it's about a tire that's a swing.
If it's about bells that can ring.
If it's a song that thinks it's cool.
If it's a song best sung in pre-school.

I do not like songs that are cute!
I do not like mold on my fruit.

Toss in the trash. Destroy! Destroy!
Destroy your toy!
Girl and boy!

You AUGHT to Remember.

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