Thursday, October 22, 2009

#71 - Bromance

It was the decade when...

just 'cause you and your Buddy were totally in love didn't mean you were GAY or anything.

Five Definitions Towards a Meaning of a Fake Word:

Bromance: Term used to describe a close relationship between two men which is not sexual but nonetheless mirrors many patterns of a romantic relationship.

Bromance: Term used by Hollywood executives to repackage tired formulaic "buddy-films" with a new "it" word that will fool audiences into thinking they are seeing something fresh.

Bromance: Term used by straight dudes to justify the fact that they and the friends act really fucking gay with each other.

Bromance: Term used to describe the relationship between George W. Bush and his one-time press secretary Scott McClellan.

Bromance: The most homoerotic TV show ever made.

You AUGHT to remember...

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