Tuesday, October 20, 2009

#73 -The HUMMER

It was the decade when...

Suburban mothers drove their kids to school in military tanks.

H is for HUGE, the size of the beast.
U is for UGLY, your taste is deceased.
M is for MONEY, the price is sky high.
M is for Merchandise; so much crap you can buy!
E is for Earth; it does its best to destroy, and
R is for R.I.P, so let's all jump for joy.

P.S. - This blog was NOT written on a Hummer laptop.

You AUGHT to remember...


  1. This acronym is very interesting. However I do not think a Hummer is ugly but on the contrary. I have always wanted to have one, but I know it is very expensive. Nice pic! I heard generic viagra is cheaper so I know how to save money.

  2. jajajaja wonderful, I'm another Hummer enemy, you know there's something that really piss me off is look someone handle his Hummer, and when that person back home, the only thing that is able to think is "how in this world I gonna pay the next cuote?", sometime a guy bought one of this car in a Viagra Online agency, that guy left a arm, a leg, their next 9 lives as a bonus.