Friday, December 18, 2009

#15 - Blogs

It was the decade when...

Everyone was an opinion columnist.

1. A website which is frequently updated in the form of "posts." The content can be anything from political analysis, to celebrity gossip, to astrophysics, to film criticism, to food recipes, to personal diary. See also; live journal. Short for WEBLOG.

2. What you are reading right now.

3. A great way to get a movie deal.


1. The act of blogging. [see below]


1. A solipsistic person who, eager to share his random musing on any asinine topic that interest him, decides to find a space on the Internet where he is able to empty his wasted intellectual energies on self-satisfying, banal observations about his daily life.

2. A frustrated journalist who, requiring the low entrance start-up of the Internet, uses a blog to begin an outside-the-normal-mechanisms-of-journalistic-approval news source.

3. One of the few category's that Perez Hilton and Richard Posner have in common.



1. The act of writing pages and pages of text to be posted for universal publication on the world wide web, only to be read by you and your mother.

Blog-like in content i.e. a brief opinionated, unjustified statement that is uttered with total certainty or an over-long description of a total banal experience.

1. The Interconnected network of blogs on the Internet which, together, act as an echo chamber for various up-to-minute new stories, memes, trends, and gossip.

2. The world's biggest game of Telephone.

1. A video blog.

2. A way for people too lazy to actually write anything to nonetheless offer their unsolicited cultural analysis, or share their self-confessional daily diary, to anyone on earth who cares to watch and listen.

1. The act of posting a video blog.

1. The total decimation of old of old media by the rise of the blogosphere.

2.The replacement of hard-working, paid field reporters and newsroom journalists by unpaid, unemployed, self-described "pundits" and "reporters" working from their living room.

You AUGHT to remember.

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