Thursday, November 5, 2009

# 57 - Michael Phelps: Merman

It was the decade when...

A pot-smoking Human/Barracuda hybrid dominated the Olympics.

Three Limericks for Michael Phelps.

There once was this Baltimore guy,
He swam like an Eagle can fly.
In Beijing he won
8 golds in a run
And Mark Spitz, he wanted to die.

There once was super Olympian,
He won every race he was entered in.
His mom made a wish
To give birth to a fish,
What she got was a kind of Amphibian.

There once was this really great swimmer.
Though he ate much he couldn't be slimmer.
I swear, could you be any dimmer?

You AUGHT to remember...


  1. His SNL appearance was one of the most unintentionally funny bits of TV I have ever seen.

  2. Was trying to get the scansion right KJ! Was hoping no one would notice! I fixed it though.

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