Sunday, November 15, 2009

#47 - Uggs

It was the decade when...

We wore sheepskin snow boots EVERYWHERE!

And now, Caveman Ugg on.....UGGS!

Ugg like uggs. Uggs better than no uggs, No uggs hurt feet when run through forest after bear. Uggs make walking fun! And uggs look so stylish. Ugg in uggs look like all those girls in Starbucks.

Ugg is confused though. Is it just Ugg or are uggs ug? I mean, Ugg named Ugg because Ugg's Mommy thought Ugg was ug when birth Ugg. Maybe uggs are named by same Mommy since they too are ug.

Ugg's ug uggs were expensive to boot! Ugg have no more rocks to trade. Ugg lost all his rocks in a credit default swap so now Ugg can no more buy uggs.

Ugg want to pick himself up by his bootstraps, but uggs have no bootstraps. Ugg is doomed! Ugh.

You AUGHT to remember...


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