Monday, November 9, 2009

#53 - Netspeak :)

It was the decade when...

We stopped communicating with words. WTF? :~0

ChatboiHylas: ICYDK, the internet has invented a whole new language: Netspeak! AFAIC, it's so much better than real English! :)

NetNerdPhilonus: FFS! Netspeak? AYH? BFD!

ChatboiHylas: IANAL here; I'm not trying to defend anything. It's simply a fact that Netspeak saves time. It's is now the dominant lexicon amongst internet users. It's Internetese! It's fun. IYDMMA, what's your beef?

NetNerdPhilonus: IMHO, It's totally killing the English language. People used to write in sentences with actual, you know, words! Now Netspeak has gotten so prevalent people are using it IRL! :(

ChatboiHylas: OMG! You are blowing this so out of proportion! IACL! For someone to get worked up over such a thing! LOL! Not just LOL! LMFAO!! LLAH!!! You're so upset...IDGI! You're like some old schoolmarm. You have such distemper. Did Mommy beat you as a child? :P

NetNerdPhilonus: MYOB GF! OK, this is tots NSFW but...FU you PAB! I think most linguists and English enthusiasts would be on my side, MOFO!

ChatboiHylas: Whatevs. :) This is the future and...

NetNerdPhilonus: Wait, gotta PTTL. I'll BRB.


NetNerdPhilonus: TY for waiting. Sorry about that.

ChatboiHylas: Ain't no thang! I was just saying, this is the future and FWIW, I want to be apart of it.

NetNerdPhilonus: Well, FYI, I'll stick to complete sentences with real words, thank you very much!

ChatboiHylas: FFS Dude, IANARS, but it seems to me you totally have been talking in Netspeak this whole time! ;)

NetNerdPhilonus: FML, seriously? :(

ChatboiHylas: Sorry dude, it's true. AYBABTU. :P

NetNerdPhilonus: Oh, my! Sorry to be such a PITA! You're right. I'm an idiot not to embrace the acronymic future we all inhabit.

ChatboiHylas: T'aint no thing! The irony of this whole thing is making me LMFAO!

NetNerdPhilonus: It's getting late, I GTG. I'm still not totally sold on this netspeak thing. But maybe I just need to change my POV.

ChatboiHylas: :)

NetnerdPhilonus: :D

ChatboiHylas: ;)

NetnerdPhilonus: ; > )

ChatBoiHylas: :9

NetNerdPhilonus: Kay, that just weirds me out. CYA

(Philonus has siged off)

ChatboiHylas: Well, YW!

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